American Horror Story 1.02 "Home Invasion" Recap

American Horror Story premiered its second episode "Home Invasion" on FX tonight, and if you’re anything like us you watched with the lights off and a full bucket of popcorn for all the creepy scares!  And if you’re too frightened to watch the action, read on for our American Horror Story recap of "Home Invasion!"

Way back in 1968, two young nurses Maria and Gladys experience an American Horror Story of their own when they find themselves conned by an apparently injured man, seeing blood on his forehead they allow him inside the house.  Once his ruse is uncovered, the man quickly knocks young Maria out, and drags her more portly roommate upstairs.  Once Maria comes to, the man forces her to put on a traditional nurses’ outfit, mocks her beliefs in Jesus, hogties her, and ultimately stabs her repeatedly through the back!  Now that’s just being bad company. Read More...


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