Revenge Episode 4 Review: Public Humiliation for Everyone!

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’ve liked Revenge since the pilot, but this week’s episode completely cemented my love of this fun new drama. It’s true that it’s somewhat ridiculously easy for Emily to take down her enemies each hour, but who cares when it’s so much fun to watch? Not only that, but the most recent episode episode wasn’t just about setting up and taking down the conspirator of the week. It also built in a few additional mysteries, revealed some effective backstory and set up some interesting storylines going forward.

Let’s start at the beginning. Years ago, when Amanda Clarke was still a young girl after her father had been arrested, she was being evaluated by a court-appointed shrink by the name of Dr. Michelle Banks. Back then, Dr. Banks was visited by Victoria, who suggested that Amanda be institutionalized. Why would Victoria have suggested that? Was it just to keep Amanda quiet about the affair (since we know she saw Victoria and her father together) or was it more than that?  Whatever her motives, Victoria essentially offered to set Dr. Banks up with a private practice and plenty of Hamptons patients, if only she would recommend that Amanda be placed in an institution. Read More...


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