American Horror Story Review: "Home Invasion"

Things did a lot more than just go bump in the night on "Home Invasion."

Following a premiere that felt like a cluttered mess, one in which Ryan Murphy appeared to be going for confusion over character, the second installment of American Horror Story delivered a compelling narrative, one that gives me hope this series is aiming for more than just loud screams and furrowed brows.

First, we had Ben returning to Boston under the guise of patient care. It felt like a leap for Vivian to dub him a "good man" after all we witnessed and learned on the premiere, but it's clear Ben is trying to be. He legitimately had no idea how to handle his mistress' pregnancy.

Is the right move to simply come clean? Of course. Is it understandable that someone in his situation - as difficult as that might be to imagine - would not want to revisit his affair, especially in light of this new, damaging information, with his family? Absolutely. Does it make sense why he wouldn't have stayed in a hotel room during his trip? No. Read More...


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