Naruto Season 1 Episode 26 Special Report: Live from the Forest of Death! Episode Recap

Naruto is waiting in front of the Forest of Death to begin the second stage of the Chunin Exam. Then he sees a square rock that starts following him. After it explodes and the Konohamaru ninja squad appears, they tell Naruto it is an interview. Anko comes and ask what's happening and they tell her that it is an interview. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura recap the story up to that point and tell their in sites on themselves and each other. Naruto, who was interviewed by Konohamaru, shared his opinions about the others but mainly brags about himself and his abilities. Sakura, who was interviewed by Moagi, explained different jutsus, but she mainly talked about Sasuke and Kakashi. Udon interviewed Sasuke. Sasuke stated that if they were to listen to what Naruto said, it would mostly be more of fantasy rather than reality. He also mentioned the different abilities of the other Genin, but stated that he was better than all of them. Naruto and Sasuke argues, but Sakura reminds them that they have to work together. After the interview is over Konohamaru and his friends leave.

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