America's Next Top Model: All-Stars 17.05 "LaToya Jackson" Review

What do you get when you cross LaToya Jackson, the Kardashian sisters, and drag impersonations of an icon no longer with us?

Give up?

Me, too and apparently so has Top Model, as "LaToya Jackson" proved once and for all that the show has pretty much bailed on all sense of fashion legitimacy this go around. I don't know why I keep expecting America's Next Top Model: All-Stars to turn things around and become a beacon of couture realness, but once again, the reality in this reality competition series took over and we were subjected to an episode even loopier and tackier than usual.

It's not that the show was poor in idea. I don't mind the Kardashians stopping by, as they're at least involved in the fashion industry and they've been famous for long enough to where they could impart some decent knowledge how to handle yourself in the public eye. They may not always make the right moves, but the three sisters have shown that they know how to build and exploit a brand, which was supposed to be the central theme of All-Stars. Naturally, the show didn't give the girls a chance to pick the brains of the celebutantes, choosing instead to have another gimmicky runway challenge (this time, on a carousel) and let the Kardashians judge. The winner(s) received an outfit of clothes from the Kardashian Kollection, a fashion mosaic of animal prints, structured jackets, and horrible, horrible metallics, but you know? It felt so pointless and stale. Top Model has gotten a lot of mileage out of the "hey, let's embarrass pretty women" gag in its 17 cycles, particularly with runway challenges on elevated platforms, involving treadmills, and utilizing gigantic swinging pendulums, so adding in a fast-moving carousel makes sense within the confines of the show, but in the real world? Read More...


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