LAW AND ORDER: SVU “Double Strands” Review

LAW AND ORDER: SVU "Double Strands" Season 13 Episode 4 – Whoever came up with the title, "Double Strands" for this week’s Law and Order: SVU did the show a great disservice. Two seconds after reading that on my DVR menu, I knew that an evil twin would be somehow involved.

And I was right. When a pretty ballerina is raped in the park, Rollins (our Atlanta belle) recognizes the MO from a string of southern rape cases she was never able to solve. At first, no one believes her; Olivia—who I’ve seen piece together wilder theories on far less evidence—acts as if she needs to be sent back to the academy. Are they trying to make Olivia seem old and ornery, ’cause if they are…good job!

A sketch of the rapist goes public and immediately a suspect, Gabriel (TR Knight of Grey’s Anatomyfame), is arrested, thanks to his distinctive ying-yang tattoo (which, for me, was total confirmation of my twin suspicion). His DNA is a match to all the rapes, he lived near every southern city where a rape was reported, he’s picked out of a line-up and Novak wishes all of her cases were as easy to solve. Read More...


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