CRIMINAL MINDS “Painless” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Painless" Season 7 Episode 4 – School shootings are a particularly sensitive topic to tackle, yet they’ve become a staple of all crime shows. It’s perhaps ironic that the best television episode of a school shooting was not a crime procedural, but a much maligned soap: One Tree Hill‘s portrayal of a school shooting was surprisingly effective, both in terms of featuring an actual plot anddriving the story forward with the death of Keith. This episode of Criminal Minds still does not top One Tree Hill‘s but it continued with last week’s run of mediocrity, which, I suppose, is miles better than downright disgusting.

The best part of the episode was the little character moments: Reid and Morgan’s prank wars provided a few rare chuckles, Hotch bonded with his son and tried to reconcile feelings over his dead wife. My favorite moment was a small scene where Reid outed JJ for being queen of mean in high school while she nailed him for hustling Morgan. It was sweet and endearing and I’m a sucker for banter. Read More...


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