SUBURGATORY “The Chatterer” Review

SUBURGATORY "The Chatterer" Season 1 Episode 3 – I feel about Suburgatory like how I felt aboutModern Family two years ago–absolutely in love. True, "The Chatterer," is only episode three, so we’re still in the honeymoon stage, but I feel confidant in saying that we’ll be together for awhile.

Please let me not have just jinxed everything.

This week, both Tessa and George tried to reform their new suburban hell, Tessa by joining the school newspaper and George by joining the PTA, but neither one of them were at all successful. ‘Cause you don’t change the suburbs; it changes you, man. It changes you…

After being forced to choose the newspaper over other electives like day-trading and flat-ironing, Tessa single-handedly turns the unpopular Chronicle into the Chatterer, a raggy gossip mag about her schoolmates’ only real concern: themselves. OMG, LMAO! Read More...


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