'Revenge' recap: Bringing the Shrink Down to Size

A little bit of continuity goes a long way with a soapy melodrama. I was worried that the first few episodes of Revenge seemed oddly walled off from each other: In episode 3, nobody seemed to remember the Leering High-Powered Hedge Fund Dude who threw $2 billion down the drain in episode 2. So it was immensely pleasing to see that, at the start of last night's episode, events in the Grayson household picked up right where we left off. Kind Conrad suspected Queen Victoria had been using his personal laptop to destroy the political career of the Baby Daddy Senator. Victoria thought he was being ridiculous, but the suspicions were driving a wedge in their already-troubled marriage. When Conrad said he was heading off to San Francisco, Victoria deadpanned, "Business...or pleasure?" (Aside: I'm from San Francisco. I love San Francisco. But unless Conrad is a fan of fresh fruit and Fernet Branca, the answer is probably "business.")

Turns out that Conrad was just using the San Francisco trip as a cover to check in on another pleasantly-unforgotten plot point: His adulterous flame Lydia Davis, who has set herself up in a nicely-adorned Manhattan apartment with Conrad's blackmail money. (To Conrad's credit, he did seem at least half-serious about catching the flight to California, before Lydia flashed him a look that said "I'm not your wife, and isn't that awesome?") Read More...



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