'Modern Family' recap: Gloria Explains It All

This wasn't the best episode of Modern FamilyI've ever seen, but the lovely thing is that even on a so-so week, Modern Family still had more laughs than several episodes of some so-called comedy shows combined. And while Papa Dunphy has lately been the MVP of LOL (< please let me get away with that. I've been saving it.), it was Gloria who took front and center tonight in an ep that found her trying to be a valuable voice of reason. Also an honorable mention? Dunphy Jr. who stole the show tonight -- and he didn't even have a prominent storyline! But we'll get to Luke in a second. First..

We spent much of the episode watching Claire struggle with the idea of giving up her position as ruler and overlord of the Dunphy household so she could run for city council. As it turned out, she lost her petition to get a stop sign placed at the intersection of (near) death and was angry about being dismissed by reigning leader Duane Bailey (guest star David Cross). And as we know, angry Claire = determined Claire = adorably supportive Phil = adorably incapable Phil. In this case, it was Phil's Mr. Mom ambitions that proved to be more challenging to achieve than he originally thought. Read More...



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