Ronnie & Sammi Talk 'Jersey Shore' Future: 'I Hope There's No End'

'Jersey Shore' fans know that Ronnie and Sammi's relationship has seen more bumps than an Olympics slalom course. But when the couple spoke to AOL TV recently -- that's right, couple -- the pair confirmed that, as of right now, they are very much together.

In the joint interview, Ron and Sam were very good about giving each other equal speaking time. Plus, they were happy to touch upon some of the lesser-addressed but still important 'Jersey Shore'-related issues that only serious fans can appreciate.

For example, have you ever wondered why, in every house-based fight, Ronnie resorts to bed-tossing? Those twin-sized cots are no match for the man who beat up the Situation (with a little help from the wall).

Read on to find out what deep-seated childhood aspiration causes Ronnie to take out his rage on defenseless mattresses, which cast member fared the best with the Italian language barrier, and when the couple plans to quit doing 'Jersey Shore' (Thursdays, 10PM ET on MTV). Rest easy: It's not any time soon.


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