‘American Horror Story,’ Season 1, Episode 2, ‘Home Invasion’: TV Recap

Just how many murders have happened in this house over the years?

This time we open in 1968. Three young women are all dressed up and headed to the Hollywood Bowl to see The Doors perform. On their way out, they get into a snippy exchange with the house’s other occupants, a slightly older nurse and a younger woman named Maria who’s a devout Christian and also studying to be a nurse. Once the three Doors fans split, a knock comes at the door. The nurse and Maria believe it’s the girls still messing with them, but it’s actually a man with blood on his forehead, pleading for help. They let him in. If you’ve seen "A Clockwork Orange," you know that’s not a good idea.

The man knocks out the older nurse before forcing Maria don a nurse’s uniform. Maria ends up hogtied on the couch, praying until the intruder leaves her sight. Just as Maria thinks her prayer worked, he emerges from the shadows and stabs her to death.

Jump ahead to the present, and once again we’re with the Harmon family. Ben is again meeting with Tate, but this is their worst meeting yet. Tate tells Ben about his inappropriate thoughts about Ben’s daughter, Violet, while revealing to Ben that Violet spilled the beans on her dad’s past infidelity. A clearly discomfited Ben, whose phone has been buzzing throughout the session, says their time is up. Tate leaves, and Ben is left to deal with the phone. No big deal, it’s just his past haunting him. Ben’s former lover from Boston is calling him, and guess what? She’s pregnant. Read More...



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