Survivor: South Pacific 23.05 "Taste the Victory" Recap

If you missed last week's episode of Survivor: South Pacific, catch up with my recap here.

This week's installment begins at Redemption Island where Stacey arrives and wakes up Christine.  Stacey tells Christine that Coach is running things at Upolu.  She thinks Coach is acting "holier than thou," but he will receive his comeuppance soon because when Stacey has the chance, she is going to spill the beans on Coach and his alliance.

The next morning at Upolu, Brandon notifies the tribe that Tree Mail has arrived.  He complains to the camera that Mikayla said she didn't like him because he's a Hantz.  He protests that he doesn't care what people think about him...but his tears betray his true feelings.  Albert and Mikayla go to the RI Arena, as do Dawn and Whitney.  Stacey tells Savaii that "Benjamin" is running the tribe, and that they are a bunch of liars.  When Jeff calls her out for using Coach's real name, Stacey says she doesn't honor the Coach name.  "Sour grapes," mutters Albert (he speaks!).

For the Duel, Christine and Stacey must drop a ball down a chute and catch it at the end.  Every few minutes, they must add a ball.  First player to drop a ball is out.  Concentration is the key to the challenge, Jeff notes as he starts the Duel.  A second ball is added, and then a third.  Stacey is not paying attention to the spacing of the balls.  Christine almost drops one, and then has another nice save!  Eventually, Stacey drops a ball and Christine stays alive!  Stacey says that this game challenged her, and that she had fun.  Mikayla just shakes her head as Stacey burns her buff and departs.  Albert is pissed that Stacey called him and Coach out, and making their tribe look bad in front of Savaii. Read More...


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