Suburgatory 1.03 "The Chatterer" Review

The third episode of any new show is arguably the most important going forward. Sure, there have been shows that found their groove later in their first season and beyond, but by the time the third episode airs, you have a fairly good indication of the tone you can expect from here on out. A pilot usually just throws in a bunch of characters and sees what sticks, while a second episode tends to begin expanding the world of the show a little bit and fleshing out the people we just met. By episode three, we know who these people are and, in broad terms, how they can be, so it's time to start mixing, matching, and seeing putting them in character-building situations.

The third episode of Suburgatory, "The Chatterer", does just that. Following a surprisingly well-formed pilot and a second episode that filled out the world of Chatswin a little more, "The Chatterer" sent both Tessa and George sliding up and down the popularity meter through their dealings with the school newspaper and the PTA, respectively. It makes sense to see them dipping into the community on their own, as anyone that moves somewhere suddenly knows that making friends can be one of the hardest adjustments to make, and the episode didn't disappoint in that aspect. Tessa ultimately may have made a new friend in Malik, the word jumble aficionado and part-time Medium fan club member (he made a fierce Allison, no?), and George buried the hatchet with Sheila Shay after realizing that she has special, err, gifts that make the PTA run smoothly. After "The Barbecue" focused on the residents of the street the Altmans live on, "The Chatterer" was exclusively school-based, which was a nice decision as it helped color the Altmans world in that much more. Read More...


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