The Middle 3.04 "The Test" Recap

While decorating the homecoming float with other mothers, Frankie learns that the PSATs are coming up and Axl hasn't studied one bit. Not only that, but he hasn't been spending his free time cleaning oil off baby pelicans. The horror—he will never get into college. At home, Axl blames Frankie for not nagging him about it. That's what moms are for.

Sue decides to try out for cheerleading. Why not? High school is a fresh start. Frankie points out that there's so many other teams to try out for, and by restricting herself to cheerleading, she might miss out on something more "makeable." I like that word. Sue points out that Frankie always tells her to aim high, but it's unlikely that Frankie ever said that.

The phone rings. Brick is in the principal's office and Frankie and Mike are to come to the school. They find out that Brick has a bully who has been suspended. Brick is unfazed by the situation. He knows how to get himself out of the trash can, and he managed to find half a banana while he was in there. "It wasn't that bad. It was pretty standard bullying."

Frankie is happy with how Brick handled the situation, but Mike thinks Brick should stand up for himself and begins developing plans to toughen him up.

At cheerleading tryouts, Sue stretches awkwardly while another girl does a series of perfect backflips (or something). If she makes the team, she'll get a call by 6pm that night. At home, she proceeds to gather and check all the phones to prep for the call. Read More...


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