Huge 1:3: Is all about Larping

Huge Season 1, episode 3 is all about Larping. Campers try to find something to do in their free time section. Becca makes a larping club. At first there are only four people who show up including Becca and Wil. The larping event doesn't event start because jerks from a tennis camp tell them to go away. I like the interacting with the tennis camp because it makes the show realistic. Wil makes a promise to Becca to larp with her.

Eventually, Wil and Becca ask around and make Larping the next big thing. They pass out fliers and make it sound interesting. The actual larping event seemed fun. At the same time, Amber was talking to the tennis folk. She seemed to blend in because no one thought she was one of the camp Victory people. But yet again, jerks from tennis camp returned and laughed at them. This time when different because Becca stood up for herself and her friends. Becca is becoming stronger because of the interaction with the jerks. I hope for more interacting. Maybe Amber will sneak over and hang out with the other camp? I'm just thinking of any possibilities. But larping event is over because the director spoils the fun. They are all get in trouble but the weight of trouble lays on Becca.

During the first part of the camp out, Alistair is dealing with taking a shower problem. Alistair has a stench and people are making fun of him behind his back. He can't help smell. He's afraid to shower with other boys around. But George helps him out and makes sure no one will come in. By the end, he is clean. He joins the campfire later on.

Director Gina makes everyone have a white piece of paper that represents a flag. She wants the campers to surrender themselves but Wil won't just yet. Maybe in a couple weeks, we will see Wil though a way that piece of paper. I'm waiting for two campers to hook up too.

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