Community 3.04 "Remedial Chaos Theory" Recap

The episode begins with Annie and Britta arriving to charming grins and a chorus of "Troy and Abed’s new apartment!" They’re a little put off at how formal the entire affair seems to be, but Abed assures them that they’ve read everything about how to be a perfect party host. They also find out from Troy that Shirley has apparently been there all afternoon baking – something that hasn’t made either roommate extremely happy. Annie's concerned at the apparent "unsafe" building, while Abed shows off his Raiders Of The Lost Ark model, complete with a boulder and an Indiana Jones figure.

"Bienvenue de la casa de Trobed," says Troy as he brings up Pierce and Jeff. Pierce tries to make Troy feel bad about not living with him anymore, while Jeff tries to get out of the party by saying he can only stay so long because he has an invite to an opening of a new club. Abed says he tricked him by making fake flyers so he would save the date.

The group begins playing a rousing game of Yahztee when the buzzer rings with pizza delivery. Abed says that because they can’t let the guy in, therefore someone has to go downstairs. The group can’t decide, so Jeff volunteers that they all count off – whoever’s number comes up on the dice is the person who will go downstairs. Abed is quite upset by this, noting, "you’re creating six different timelines!" Read More...


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