Grey's Anatomy Review: Love, Loss, Legacy, Penis Transplants

A crazy surgery? Check. Extended family showing up? Check. Emotional stress? Check.

It's pretty clear that Grey’s Anatomy has stepped its game back up and is on a roll with Season 8. From Zola being admitted to the penis transplant, "Love, Loss and Legacy" brought the show's A game. So sit back and relax; time to dig in.

Catherine Jackson. Well, well. It is nice to meet the lady who produced the man with the gorgeous eyes. Debbie Allen stepped in front of the camera to guest star as Jackson’s mother. The sometimes GA director made quite the appearance, bringing with her a penis transplant and her meddling ways. Jackson was sweet to send Lexie away while his mother came to town (of course we know this is because Chyler Leigh is taking some time off) but how great would it have been to see Momma Avery go toe to toe with Little Grey? Lexie’s blink and you miss it appearance had me so blindsided I almost missed the few lines she said. Although, I was able to admire her hot haircut. Seriously, girl is rocking those bangs. Read More...


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