Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Highly Unpredictable

The more I watch this show, the more I like it's twisted, yet simple style. After watching the second episode I had felt like I'd just sat through a cross between one of the Saw movies, and an inspirational speech. It's not often I find a series I like this much, but Durarara!! is a definate diamond in the rough that deserves some exceptional acclaim and praise for it's storytelling style and animation so far. But enough of me making kissy faces at the show and praying someday to have my own Ryohgo Narita, how about a recap of episode 2?

Episode 2 of Durarara!! starts in a weird way as it moves away from Mikado and Masaomi for the bulk of it and focuses on one of their classmates, Rio Kamichika who was also the girl kidnapped by the thugs in the previous episode. The episode is also narrated by someone unknown, and though it has a good feel and reveals more about the city, the gangs, and the people shown and mentioned in the first episode, it's for the some part a rehashing of the first episode.

The show starts at the high school Mikado and Masaomi are now attending while a young girl narrates and shifts the focus on the familiar girl with the pigtails, Rio. Everything seems like a normal first day at school until one student arrives late, Seiji Yagiri. But rather than Seiji taking his seat he explains that something more important than his life has come up, and therfore he will not be attending class anymore, period. The teacher tries to reason with him, but he leaves without listening. The focus shifts back onto Rio and we learn that she was supposed to die not once, but twice the previous day which then switches into a flashback.

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