'The Office': Garden party massacre


Most of Jim's pranks on Dwight affect only Dwight. But the one he pulled on "The Office" Thursday (Oct. 13), while excellent in its planning and execution, also caused some collateral damage. Andy was likely in a no-win situation, inviting his parents to his own Connecticut-casual garden party a week after they threw one for his favored, name-stealing younger brother Walter Bernard Jr. But the ridiculous guidelines in Jim's fake handbook, which Dwight of course followed to the letter, made a bad situation worse for the Nard-Dog.As with a couple of the other episodes that have aired this season, "Garden Party" could have, with a few alterations, easily been a Michael Scott story. But because Ed Helms is very good at playing poignancy, it worked pretty well anyway.Josh Groban didn't get a whole lot to do as Andy's younger brother, aside from the obligatory singing scene. But he was there mostly as a vehicle for...



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