'The Office' recap: (Garden) Party People

After a questionable start this season, I’m here tonight to officially declare The Office is back! "Garden Party" had everything you could want: field trips to Schrute Farms, Mose, a fantastic prank by Jim, dancing Dwight, and a great use of guest stars. Oh, and penis jokes!

Let’s start with those penis jokes. What better way to announce Dunder Mifflin’s new prices than with an ad campaign? The cold open explained that Andy took out some billboard ads around the Scranton area. Unfortunately, Andy’s over-the-top enthusiasm was too tempting a target for some miscreant kids (or, let’s be honest, Creed). As Jim explained: "If there’s an opportunity for the graffiti artist to work in a phallic shape interacting with the artwork, it’ll happen." The quick shots of Defaced Billboard Andy were perfect, as was everyone’s reaction, from Stanley’s booming laugh to Meredith’s calm approval (naturally). And Dwight? Poor Dwight. It was funny when it was just Andy, but when it happened to Dwight, too? No, no, no. no. no. no, no, noooooooooo. Read More...



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