'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Love Bites

Do you like how I didn't even try to write a real subhead for this recap and just went with "Everything changed, again?" So much happened. And no one was even shirtless. Let's dive in.

So Mystic Falls has THE worst security of any high school in America. Not only can kids work out in the weight room late at night by themselves, but, as we found out when sweaty Matt opened a classroom and set off a slew of mousetraps, they can also break in for senior prank night. Honestly, the mousetraps seemed pretty lame to me, but that's coming from someone who was part of a senior prank that involved setting mice loose in the school. And by "mice," I mean TWO mice because that's all my friend Jen was able to buy. The mice wouldn't leave the container she carried them in when she put them down on the floor of the cafeteria under our seats, so she had to dump them out, and they still wouldn't move. So then she said we all had to act scared to throw suspicion off us. When I get nervous, I get honest, so I sat there with my head on the table praying for the moment to end. A teacher came, picked up the mice, and took them outside to a field behind the school. That can't even be called a prank. It was a misfire. Thebest prank at my high school was a few years earlier when someone -- presumably the two rock climbers in that senior class -- scaled the outside of the building and altered the school's name: Penns Valley became Penis Valley. BRILLIANT. But back to the show. While Tyler set out to lead the Saran Wrap toilet seats charge, Elena caught Caroline's soon-to-be-senior spirit and was off to superglue Alaric's desk shut when she ran into Klaus. Read More...



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