'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Mom's the Word

Note: Normal recapper extraordinaire Tanner Stransky is on vacation this week. I'm filling in, and I apologize in advance for the barrage of slightly inappropriate comments about the wildly attractive male characters on this show that you are about to read. Consider yourself warned.

I know last week was meant to be the "male-centric" episode of Grey's Anatomy. But it's hard not to consider this week equally as male-centered when the episode revolved around a penis transplant. Let's stand here for a moment and reflect on the last two words of that sentence. Penis transplant. I can't tell you how much I would pay to have seen every one of your faces when you heard those two words at the top of this week's episode. Imagine a compilation video of those expressions! Now, that's the stuff viral videos are made of. Read More...



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