'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Humans can be heroes, too. With shirts on.


Okay, "Vampire Diaries" fans, tonight is the night. There have been a few bits (and bites) from this episode that I've been keeping secret for several weeks now, and getting to watch them play out on screen was both a relief and a heartbreaker. First of all, before we jump into this episode, I want to take a moment to defend my favorite, Matt. I've been seeing a lot of Matt hate, but can we ease up on that, please? Matt is actually the person acting rationally here! Monsters are supposed to be scary. Sure, his whole jealous act with Caroline and Tyler isn't cute, but we're going to have to forgive him for being scared of werewolves and vampires. That is the normal reaction. He is not Bella Swan. That's why we like him!Okay, moving on from there, "The Reckoning" was pretty much an hour of absolute perfection. We got to see almost every...



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