Prime Suspect Review: "Great Guy, Yet: Dead"

"Great Guy, Yet: Dead" wasn’t the best outing for Prime Suspect.

Which is rather unfortunate considering Joelle Carter from Justified was playing the Louise, the wife of Tony the victim. Sadly, none of her considerable talent was used, rather she was relegated to tears, denials, potential adultery, and getting on Jane’s nerves. All of that would have been fine had she been given something to work with, but the writing for her character felt flat.

In fact, flat can be applied to the entire case this week. Tony "the nicest guy in the world" left behind a boring tale of living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, burying himself in debt, and making enemies. A par for the course procedural case, however credit must be given to Prime Suspect for doing something other than a run and gun police chase. Read More...


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