THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The Reckoning” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "The Reckoning" Season 3 Episode 5 - It’s senior prank night this week, and the kids of Mystic Cove all converge on the high school to do set-up. Caroline is all gung-ho about getting everyone involved and creating memories, and even Tyler takes to it like a wolf to red meat (see what I did there?). But there’s someone lurking in the shadows — Klaus.

But with the necklace off on a road trip with Katherine and Damon, Klaus is left with only one option – blackmail. He feeds Tyler his blood and then breaks his neck. If Bonnie can’t figure out how to fix the hybrid transformation issue in half an hour, Tyler will die. Since the witches won’t talk to Bonnie directly, she decides to ask Jeremy’s help. But where is he?

With Katherine and Damon, it turns out. Armed with the necklace and the knowledge that Jeremy can see ghosts, Katherine puts her plan into action. Jeremy needs to ask Anna how to kill Klaus, since Pearl apparently told Anna the secret years before. It takes a little persuading (i.e. Damon ‘persuading’Jeremy’s face to hit a picnic table) before she opens up. The trick to killing Klaus is to find the vampire who kills other vampires, the ultimate vampire hunter. By the end of the episode, Katherine and Jeremy have found him and opened up his tomb. Read More...


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