THE X FACTOR (US) “Judge’s House #1? Review

THE X FACTOR (US) "Judge’s House #1? Episode 7 – As familiar as this feels, this is still uncharted territory. There’s a point where I flip on the TV and still expect American Idol.

But if anything separates The X Factor from A.I., it’s this whole "get mentored by a famous judge while he / she lounges back in a lounge chair on a porch." And I’m not sure that’s really the best way to judge a stage talent… but hey. The views from those swank mansions were fabulous.

(I know. Who cares, right? No one cares about the views, FOX!)

If I have to rate it, I still think A.I.’s "small stage" group-of-24 round is more entertaining than this. At least in that you can still have "Idol Moments." This setup, with no audience feedback, makes that a lot harder. Read More...


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