PERSON OF INTEREST “Cura Te Ipsum” Review

PERSON OF INTEREST "Cura Te Ipsum" Season 1 Episode 4 – One of my favorite new fall shows, Person of Interest, returned this week with "Cura Te Ipsum".

Our PoI this week was one Dr. Tillman, played by the lovely Linda Cardellini, who some people might know as also playing a doctor on a little show called ER. She may be type cast here, but at least she plays the overworked doctor well, and we see early on that she’s getting mixed in with the wrong folk.

Meanwhile, our requisite scenes with Taraji P. Henson’s Detective Carter are still here to bother me. She was going over the footage from last week’s episode, where Reese was robbing the vault, and do you know how she knew that it was Reese under the mask? She just knew! Seriously. That was her explanation. "I just know". That is NOT a good explanation if you’re hinging your whole case on "just knowing" something. If that’s how she makes the connection to the fact that Reese and Finch were together, that makes zero sense. I really hope she finds some other kind of proof that connects them, as this was one of the largest gaps in logic we’ve ever seen this show have. Also, she has no way of knowing that Reese said anything to him as his back was to the camera, and I couldn’t even see Finch’s lips move either. This was definitely a huge blot in this otherwise solid installment. Read More...


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