SUPERNATURAL “Defending Your Life” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Defending Your Life" Season 7 Episode 4 – Well Sam always wanted to be a lawyer and tonight he got his chance. Except in true Winchester style this trial is anything but normal. Osiris has rolled into Michigan and decides to put guilty people on trial. He calls on Jo, Sam and even Dean himself as witnesses to testify why Dean should be found guilty for all the things he’s done.

The trouble is that there’s one witness that Dean doesn’t want called to the stand – Amy. Then Dean finds out that it’s up to him to decide if he’s guilty, and it all goes downhill from there. He holds on to his dirty little secret and just like that, he’s found guilty and Jo is sent to kill him.

Luckily Sam and Bobby save the day by coming up with a way to temporarily knock Osiris out of the picture. And while the plan works and Dean didn’t die, I wonder if any of this did him any good at all. Even with Sam trying to prove his innocence, all Dean did was wallow deeper into his guilt. Not that I expected it to happen this soon, but I saw Dean’s time on the stand as a way to come clean with Sam about Amy. Part of his guilt has to be the lying to Sam about it. Read More...


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