BLUE BLOODS “Innocence” Review

BLUE BLOODS Season 2, Episode 4 Innocence- Tonight’s Blue Bloods opening was one of the most quietly disturbing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if it was the slowness, the slight pause between gunned down teen or the "Innocence" that pervaded their corny jokes and basketball game. I was on the same page as Danny, there had to be some seedy past with at least one of them, for it to be senseless would be too terrible. At the same time, implying the kids were mixed up in something to a grieving relative seemed a little cold (is there a police academy class on bedside (or bodyside?) manner?

Blue Bloods did do a good job of keeping up the suspicion the kids weren’t as innocent as they seemed until the last moment, from the girl’s minor drug charges do the random allegation one of the boys was a "gang banger." Even when they get the shooter, you think the kids were bullies, who pushed the shooter to the edge with their taunts. When it finally comes out the insult to JonJon’s honor was a drug induced delusion, Danny’s impulse to strangle him seemed completely valid. Read More...


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