Parks and Recreation Recap: Goddesses 1, Ron Swanson 0

For all its busy couplings and uncouplings over three-plus seasons, the romantic heart of Parks and Recreation is still the relationship between Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. Even when it’s adversarial — in this case, Leslie going to lengths to prove to Ron that her freaking awesome Pawnee Goddesses club (with their lassoing lessons and campfire bulgogi and s’more-offs) is superior to his survivalist, he-man-woman-haters Pawnee Rangers troop — there’s a stubborn mutual respect that most marriages would be lucky to have. During a weekend retreat, Leslie gets her revenge on the Rangers for having refused to let girls join five years earlier, vanquishing Ron and his beans and his canvas-draped shelter boxes and his solitude through the power of a puppy party. "We just struck a huge blow for equality by proving that we’re better than them," Leslie tells her little Knope-monsters, in an attempt to quash their desire to allow a boy to defect from the Rangers into the Goddesses. Read More...


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