Community Recap: Evil Troy and Evil Abed

One of seven Troys on Community.

"Remedial Chaos Theory" employs a nifty little gimmick that incorporates seven different story lines, a whole lot of repetition, and felt goatees to indicate evilness. It’s impressive in scope, so-so in execution. What I’m trying to say is: standard Community.

I don’t mean to say the episode wasn’t good, though. Because although there were moments in "Remedial Chaos Theory" that slowed its momentum, the episode had charm and a hell of a lot of ambition. And I do mean ambition: It’s Troy and Abed’s housewarming party, and before they scamper off to bed in matching pajamas, they’ve invited the gang to admire their sweet wood-paneled bachelor pad and play some Yahtzee. When the pizza delivery guy arrives, no one wants to go down and let him in, so Jeff decides to roll a six-sided die to determine who has to leave. "Just so you know, Jeff, you are now creating six different timelines," Abed points out. "Of course I am, Abed," Jeff sarcastically slings back, flexing his stubble. Cue seven different versions of events, each predicated on the result of the roll and playing out the consequences of one group member exiting the room for a few minutes. The results range from devastating to confusing and occasionally mundane. Jeff shushes Britta’s singing, he hits his head on the fan — things like that. Every character has a part to play in each alternate timeline, even if that part is pretty small, or involves Britta getting engaged to the pizza guy. Read More...


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