Person of Interest 1.04 "Cura Te Ipsum" Review

There’s something to be said for the attention to detail present in Person of Interest when even the title of an episode contains some thought-provoking double meaning. If you know Latin or if you had to Google it, cura te ipsum can be translated as ‘cure yourself first’; it’s something that refers to a physician healing themselves first before they should attend to their patients. Now on the surface we have this week’s POI via Finch's machine a physician named Megan Tillman who is living a double life as she prepares to honor her dead sister’s memory by bringing a wealthy sexual predator to justice, vigilante-style. But by the unconventional ending scene of the episode there’s no denying that cura te ipsum can be seen in a very different way about our dynamic duo of Finch and Reese.

Back in college, Andrew Benton date-raped Tillman’s sister and it lead her to commit suicide not long afterward, but this is no one-time thing. Andrew has been collecting victims through the years since and he shows no signs of ever stopping unless an outside factor forces him to. So it's up to Megan to bring Andrew to the kind of justice his status is incapable of saving him from. Once Reese realizes the true nature of Megan's situation, this POI case goes from trying to stop a murder to trying to stop someone else from having to live with the consequences of taking a life as Reese himself does everyday. Read More...


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