'Jersey Shore' recap: Season 4, ep 11

Forget about Occupy Wall Street, we should all be worried about Guido and Meatball Problems!Last night’s episode of "Jersey Shore" opened with Snooki trying to mend fences with her boyfriend Jionni following her little fling with Vinny. Snooki begs for Jionni’s forgiveness, apologizing and then telling him that he "needs to handle it."Jionni, who is clearly hurt by Snooki’s extracurricular activities, informs her that he is not sure how the couple will get through the latest scandal.Vinny, ever the opportunist asks the distraught Snooki to cuddle. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t serious here but who really knows.In other related in-house hookup news, Deena sets her sights on Pauly D, who she has wanted to bed since arriving in Italy. Unfortunately for Deena, Pauly does not want anything to do with the other half of Team Meatball, but he is unable to be mean to her and tell her no.Pauly then unsuccessfully tries to bring home a girl, this way he does not have to confront the issue of Deena sleeping with him. It seemed as if Pauly would be able to accomplish his mission until a girl breaks the first rule of guido courtship. Never, ever, touch a guido’s blowout.Back home, Deena continues to sell herself. Think of her as the Billy Mays of sex. She pitches herself as a good sexual partner (said differently in the show, but we are a PG recap!), says she has no shame and only really sleeps with guys she cares about.Spurned by Pauly and still reeling from the Jionni episode, Team Meatball (Deena and Snooki) decide to do a little bit of day drinking.Cowboy hat on, the drunken dynamic duo proceed to get hammered and dance on a bar at 11am, because as Snooki so eloquently puts it, the party never stops for a Meatball.Back home, as the crew gets ready to go out, Situation brushes his teeth with a hairy toothbrush, Vinny brings out his Communion shoes and the world is introduced to Guido Problems.Guido Problems are common issues that plague the Guido race such as hitting your head when dancing on a table, losing your tan or not being able to go to the gym. (Side Note: How long do you think it took #guidoproblems to start trending on Twitter?)At the club, Sammi and Jwoww avoid falling into "mom mode" where they babysit Snooki and Deena. Read More...



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