The Big Bang Theory 5.05 Recap 'The Next Chapter in the Sheldon v. Wheaton Saga'

There aren't a lot of recurring bits on The Big Bang Theory, but one of the best is the ongoing rivalry between Sheldon and his 'mortal enemy', Will Wheaton of Star Trek fame. It's made for some of the most hilarious moments in the show's history, and this week it seems the end of an era is upon us as Will decides to end the contentious state of their relationship so they can finally bury the hatchet. Luckily, there are plenty of other former Star Trek: TNG actors for Sheldon to despise.

Perhaps this is just personal bias coming out, but there's always something special about the scenes that take place in Stuart's comic book store. It's probably a combination of all the replicas on the shelves, artwork on the walls, and the nature of their dialog but it's just always seemed like the place where we're truly seeing the boys in their perfect element. This week, such a scene centers around Sheldon and Leonard debating the purchase of a Game of Thrones replica sword. After we learn Sheldon has absolutely no concept of the value in a good haggling session, the one and only Will Wheaton enters the store and invites not only Stuart and Leonard, but Sheldon as well to a party he's throwing. And so it begins, as Sheldon views Leonard's acceptance of said invite as a definite betrayal to their friendship. Read More...


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