Jurisdiction on ABC's The Gates

ABC's The Gates latest episode "Jurisdiction" has Nick getting help form Dylan to find the vampire who killed one of the Gates neighbors. We have no slight clue who killed the neighbor but all we do know that a vampire did do it. The ex husband of the neighbor made the neighbor fall and really injury herself by accident. It keeps it up in the air who did it. A lot about the Gates murder cases stay mystery for the most part.

Dylan killing the woman for Nick comes back into the plot because the mayor black mails Dylan and Nick. Major wants Nick to stay in the gates. He keeps all the secrets stay secret. He only knows all of this because he has cameras all around the Gates which he sees all what happens in the Gates. I really don't like the major because there seems something slimy about him like he has his own secret he's keeping.

Andie's weird back marks are getting worse and the doctor gives the medicine to keep Andie's succubus side in control. She is scared of the side effects so she decides not to take her medicine. Andie gets in trouble with the doctor and thinks that her succubus side can be controlled because her parents controlled the mother's succubus side. Andie and Charlie have a study date but Charlie doesn't know Andie's secret yet. Charlie and Andie's seem to grow closer while reading lines. They kiss and Andie's succubus side takes over a little. Charlie is weakened again. Andy needs to tell Charlie what she is or she needs to keep her distance.

Side note: Claire gets frustrated with Christian. Claire thinks that Christian was the one who killed the Gates neighbor. Sarah organizes a school fundraiser at Devon's which turns out to be a hit and raises twenty thousand dollars.

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