Fringe 4.04 "Subject 9" Review

The first three episodes of Fringe season 4 were absolutely delightful, but "Subject 9" was where the season really kicked into high gear, bringing us the long-awaited return of Peter Bishop with a resounding (and confusing) bang.

In undeniably the best outing of the season yet, Olivia and Walter investigated a mysterious electromagnetic presence that seemed to be haunting Olivia. As I'm sure most of us were able to guess the first time we saw the big glowing blue cloud, that field was actually Peter apparently struggling to regain corporeal form. Walter's other theory, which centered on the titular Cortexiphan kid Cameron James, was ultimately a red herring, though it provided for some significant worldbuilding and character development. After all, we found there to be a strangely maternalistic relationship between Nina Sharp and Olivia Dunham. We also found out that events of episodes like "Bad Dreams" and "Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver," didn't happen in this Peter-less timeline. Read More...


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