Supernatural Review: Episode 7.04 "Defending Your Life"

Supernatural seems to be all about breaking my heart. Most of the time I want to give poor Sammy a hug, because he’s been through so much: being one of Azazel’s special children, becoming addicted to demon blood, having to deal with being a "freak", going to Hell for a million years, losing his soul, remembering all the bad Lucifer stuff down in the cage, and the ever-expanding sideburns. That’s enough to drive everyone crazy.

But then I remember Dean. Brooding, stalwart Dean, who keeps going no matter what is thrown at him and prefers to suffer in silence with his alcohol problem. Dean has always carried his guilt differently than Sam has. Sam is the type of man who likes to proactively try to repent for his guilt. Dean is the type of man who lets it fester until it consumes him to the point where he feels it actually defines him. Read More...


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