'Nikita' Recap: 'Partners' (2.04)

We're in Turkey this week, and Kelly (Katheryn Winnick) is trying to make a quick escape. When that doesn't go as planned, she starts shooting and steals a getaway van. Yay for generic white vans.

This big, loud escape brings her to the attention of Amanda at Division, who decides to send a cleaning team - and Alex, because Kelly happens to be Nikita's former partner, presumed killed in action on the operation during which Nikita escaped Division. Cue the now-obligatory flashback to four years earlier, and then Michael tells us that Kelly tried to complete the mission without Nikita, which is how she got in trouble. "She's been in prison for four years bexause I left her behind," Nikita tells Michael, already forming another guilt complex.

Amanda confronts Alex about assassinating Anton last week. She tells Alex that tracking Kelly is her chance to redeem herself for disobeying orders. Oh, and if Alex goes along, she might get some intelligence on the man responsible for killing her father, which is of course all that Alex needs to hear to play ball. Read More...



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