Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Subject 9'

On last night’s "Community," the show enacted several different timelines that played out based on a single roll of a die during a group game of Yahztee. I’m not as big as fan of the show as some people at HitFix, but I did appreciate how the show succinctly demonstrated how the removal of one person from the group brought out interesting sides of the others that remained. What works for twenty-one minutes, however, doesn’t always work over a much longer time period. We’re now four episodes into whatever roll of the die "Fringe" has currently cast, and the final moments of tonight’s episode doesn’t mean that we’re any closer to figuring out what Yahtzee reality we’re currently in.

So, first thing’s first: Peter Bishop’s back, and he’s gonna save the show’s reputation. (Hey ha, hey na, my Peter’s back!) Am I psyched? Mostly. As I’ve stated since the beginning of the season, the success of all the time spent in a Peter-less world would ultimately be judged based on the final outcome of this narrative choice. And even with Peter back, it’s clear that this arc hasn’t ended. It could end in one episode, two episodes, twelve…it’s unclear at this point. So I’m not ready to judge these first four hours as a whole yet, even though the younger Bishop crashed back to Earth by skinny dipping in Reiden Lake. Read More...


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