'Fringe' recap: Blue Light Special

The second coming of Peter Bishop was a miraculous event, marked by strange portents and paranormal activity. There were no shepherds to bear witness – but there were fishers of men. There were no wisemen -- but there was a germaphobe genius with stigmata. The road to rebirth began in Olivia Dunham’s apartment. The time: 6 AM. Sunshine flickered on Olivia’s face, a breeze pushed through the curtains like a spirit… and then metal objects began to stir and migrate toward a blue-hued ball of energy. Olivia jolted awake as the mysterious mass expanded and grazed her arm, searing her skin. A veritable Close Encounter of the Third Kind. But this was no alien visitation. Shocked by the electric feel, Olivia grabbed her gun and took aim at the electromagnetic home invader ---but then it was gone. At that moment, we saw the clock – and it ticked to 6 AM all over again. Groundhog Day,Fringe style. There was no Sonny & Cher, but in retrospect, the sentiment was there. Peter to Olivia: I got you, babe. Now come and get me. Read More...



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