Naruto Shippuuden Season 4 Episode 142 Review: Battle of Unraikyo

Naruto and the group continue searching for Sasuke. After they have no luck in finding him, they meet back at the destroyed Uchiha Stronghold. Elsewhere, we see Sasuke with Madara while Sasuke has flashbacks about Itachi. In the flashback, Sasuke remembers the battle he had with Itachi the night he murdered the entire clan. While Itachi is fleeing, Sasuke runs after him, having awakened his Sharingan, with three kunai in hand. While they jump over a wall, Sasuke attacks Itachi, but only succeeding in knocking off his headband. When he goes to pick it up, he ties it back on and just before he leaves, he starts to cry, as Sasuke goes unconscious.

Back to reality, Sasuke tells Madara that cannot restore the Uchiha the way Itachi wanted. Instead, he will do it his own way. Now, somewhere in an Akatsuki Hideout, Taka, Madara, and Kisame are talking and Suigetsu soon attacks Kisame, only for Madara to block him with just his arm. Anyways, Madara gets down to business and asks Taka to go retrieve the Eight Tails Jinchuriki.

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