The Amazing Race 19.04 "This is Gonna Be a Fine Mess" Review

First coined by sociologist Robert Merton, the self-fulfilling prophecy is a concept that involves expectations forming reality. If one chooses to define their situation a certain way, the reality of their definition will eventually come to fruition, which is often a fairly negative ordeal.

In a nutshell, if you think something will be awful, chances are it'll be awful, which can easily transfer to television.

When I first saw that the title of Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race was "This is Gonna Be a Fine Mess", I had to laugh because, like America's Next Top Model last season, the show was just taunting me. It's been a lackluster season of the race, characterized by lame challenges, static running order plagued by time equalizers, and a lack of charismatic, root-able teams in which to invest in. If you're going to title your episode something about a "fine mess", you're just asking for it, especially after the first three episodes, right? Read More...


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