'The Walking Dead' season premiere recap: The Searchers

There are few story structures that are as fundamentally American as the Road Trip. Maybe it's because most of these United States only came into being after a few brave souls packed their lives into covered wagons and set off west. Maybe it's because Americans just love driving. Some of the most iconic works in every narrative medium are variations on the Road Trip theme -- Easy Rider,Huckleberry FinnOn the Road, the book and film of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Y: The Last Man.

And last night, after a six-episode first season that mostly stuck to the greater Atlanta area, the season premiere of The Walking Dead sent our ragtag band of still-breathing survivors on their own personal road trip from/to hell, careening down the lonesome highways of the post-apocalypse in a caravan that includes Dale's RV and Daryl Dixon's motorcycle. (If you were wondering how long it would take for the season premiere to make Norman Reedus look awesome, the answer is "about thirty seconds.) Read More...



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