Dexter Review: "Smokey and the Bandit"

Through three episodes of Dexter this season, it feels as though I'm watching three different shows.

In the first, Debra Morgan is the new, young, driven police lieutenant who fights with her ex-boyfriend and struggles to both please her boss and remain independent from her boss. I actually find myself enjoying this angle, as LaGuerta just sucks and I'm rooting for Deb to show her up.

In the second, two shady characters are obsessed with religion in some dangerously fanatical manner. One is a professor, the other his loyal, yet somewhat hesitant student/protege and, together, they take extreme measures to... re-create deaths from the bible? Issue a warning of the coming Apocalypse?

It's unclear at the moment, but that final image was certainly haunting and I remain a fan of both Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos. Their storyline just feels a bit heavy-handed so far. Read More...


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