The Amazing Race Review: How the Race Has Changed

On a random December night in 2001, I stumbled across the finale of the very first The Amazing Race and was immediately hooked.  This week’s episode, "This Is Gonna Be A Fine Mess", returned to one of the coolest places visited in the first season: Phuket, Thailand.

Many things about the race have changed since that first season.  There’s usually only one Fast Forward per season now vs. one every week back then.  U-Turns, Express Passes and Speed Bumps would not be created for several seasons.

Far more has changed for Phuket, Thailand.  As mentioned on the show, the deadly tsunami that ravaged Thailand in 2004 devastated Phuket and much of the tourist places in Thailand.  For a country that relies so heavily on tourism, the impact was greater than it would have been in many other areas of the world. Read More...


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