Desperate Housewives Review: "School of Hard Knocks"

In its final season, Desperate Housewives has been bringing it every week. However, I felt that "School of Hard Knocks" was a bit less than stellar in comparison to previous episodes.

I appreciated seeing the hilarious storylines such as Gaby’s PTA throw-down and Danielle’s new sex swings business, but let’s face it… the Wisteria women are simply best when they are together. Whether it be gossiping on the sidewalk or playing poker, I just prefer storylines that encompass all of the ladies.

Sure, it was a nice break to get away from the Carlos-killed-Gaby’s-stepfather-and-we-are-all-accessories-to-murder storyline. It’s just that I’m desperately ready to find out what happens now and if their dark secret will get out. Read More...


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