'The Good Wife': Diane's heart grew three sizes that day


There's an interesting case this week, but the real news on "The Good Wife" is that the firm is bringing in legal aid and Will might be in love with Alicia.Case of the WeekTravis Dolan witnessed a robbery where the clerk got shot and now is the prime suspect. There's an eye witness that says he struggled with and then shot the clerk, which we know is not true at all, having seen the robbery in the start of the episode. The witness picks him out of a lineup.The judge of the week is the delightful Harvey Fierstein as Judge Francis Flamm. The case at first hinges on the black witness not being able to differentiate between average-looking white guys, which is a real phenomenon and it happens with all races. People have a hard time distinguishing between similar-looking people of another race. What I don't understand (and I jotted down in my notes as...



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