'The Amazing Race' recap: Phuket Does NOT Rhyme with 'Bucket'

Alas, only a few teams actually how to say that pronunciation-plagued city during a near-expletive-filled race to Thailand. Astoundingly, there were very few expletives as the teams struggled mightily to set up beach chairs. I'll repeat that: "The teams struggled mightily to set up beach chairs." Who ever thought setting up beach decor would be so difficult? And what about those Olympians (Tommy and Andy)? They are killing it. That's not to say they didn't let their goofball flags fly tonight, but they also nabbed their third first-place Pit Stop arrival in a row (and this one wasn't compromised by a screw-up from Team Dad and Lad, a.k.a. Laurence and Zac). Given how quickly things can change in the Race, it seems kind of incredible that the Olympians would whoosh through the rest of the challenges and score a well-deserved win. Still, if it is their destiny to suffer elimination, I have to say I'll be very sad to see them go. They've proven formidable, charitable (both with teams and locals), and good-spirited throughout. Read More...



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