Pan Am Review: The Not-So-Friendly Skies

"Eastern Exposure" wasn't my favorite episode, but I really enjoyed the interpersonal interactions between the characters, getting to know Ted a bit more and how well they merged in an historical moment in a way that made sense to the overall story.

Ted gets a back story.

We finally learned something about Ted this week, other than his desire to be thought of well by the stewardesses. During his stint in the Navy, he was held responsible for an air crash that he considered equipment failure.

He really needed character development, and this was a perfect story to explain his jealousy of Dean, his love of flight and why he hadn't yet moved past co-pilot. Being unjustly discharged from the Navy was a travesty when his father could have stopped it. It also explains why he so lightly brushed off Maggie's assault a while back - he had a horrible role model as a father.

I loved how they inserted the historical Mercury 9 flight to help drive his story home. He had dreams of joining the space program, but unless his father stepped in and told the truth about the equipment failure, he never had a chance. As Laura tried to find her way without her sister, it worked that they were in the historical moment together. Read More...


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